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-Your house may have a shrinebox.
-This is the only way you can interact with the internet...As the internet is worshipped as a god.
-The internet is also heavily regulated under the regime of Mr. Face, and as such, using it has become unwieldy and costly. This is, however, how 99% of materials are acquired.
-The shrinebox actually DOES posess the ability to import and export goods to and from the internet despite the one way trade that is actually being executed currently under the regime of Mr. Face. He instituted the tax and rerouted the shrineboxes to extort more money from the civilians, essentially.
-Different coding languages are more effective than others, and as such, the wealthier you are at the start, the more likely that you got at least some school before the school system collapsed, and know an effective coding language. (More on this as need arises.)
-Memes and the like are tossed around as actual vocabulary...Again, more as the need arises.
- The book of faces controls a lot of your personal life, or at least keeps track of it for future reference. The internet is indeed always watching you.

How to use your friendly shrinebox:

Get object of equal value to the object you want to obtain from the Internet. Equal value is something that has been sorted out over the years and is actually sort of taught along with whatever else Audians learn in their primitive years- those that were lucky enough to attend any school had most basic exchange rates drilled into them. (As necessary I will construct a table.)
Code object with appropriate coding language and stick in shrinebox.
Receive the object you asked for in the code for a measly 25% tax from the internet warehouse 3-5 business days later.
Other things that you can do via your friendly shrinebox:
-videogames: Videogames are wickedly cheap off your shrinebox, and as such, if you have a shrinebox, you probably have a decent gaming repertoire. All videogame consoles and all PC games are accessible off the shrinebox, In addition to most arcade games.
-Depending on your extraneous cash flow and willingness to part with dinner, you can also purchase assorted controllers from anything from the NES through the Wii. (And probably quite a few more depending on what you ask your shrinebox for.)
- Auda suffers from a bit of a technological release lag, so for example, they will not have access to the game Skyrim for another year yet probably. They do not know what they’re missing though for the most part because they are illiterate and there aren’t a ton of videogame ads around for the public to see.
- The shrinebox also functions as a facsimile of what we Earthians know as a TV set. However, the shrinebox does not display any regular old Bill Cosby reruns, when turned on and left to it’s own devices, it will autonomously play through youtube videos as if they were TV Programmes.
-It should be noted that there is an entire Nyan Cat channel, as well as an entire Trolololol channel which are accessible by the turn of a dial on the front of the shrinebox.

The Book of Faces:

- At your birth in Auda you are automatically “logged in” to the Book of Faces, which makes special note of your genetics, your social status, your parental units, your monetary situation, and pretty much anything else worth noting about you at that point in time.
- As you progress through your life, you can have status changes, which significantly affect your income, tax situation, and other things in general. The most notable is the relationship status, which upon changing, can cause large fluctuations in the amount of taxes you pay.
- Additionally, the book of faces keeps watch over any and all gingers in the city, and if you friend a ginger, you can and will be banninated. Gingers are generally frowned upon by society because they are widely regarded as soulless, which is a bad thing. (more on Gingers as necessary.)
- The Book of Faces is maintained by the OS and run completely by the Internet, god of Auda. Any attempts to modify the Book of Faces manually must be negotiated through the OS.
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