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Auda has a pretty much isolationist policy in place against other cities, however this is not necessarily the case with the other city states in the reigon. What follows is a concise summation of Auda's policies/myths/realities/proaganda/ regarding these cities, and those city's views of Auda... you get the picture.

SInk Pump:

SInk Pump is run by a terrorist organisation that titles themselves as the Anonymous. One of the main purpouses that the Anon and SInk Pump exists is because they simply could not tolerate Mr.Face as a dictator, and his policies regarding the Internet, taxes and a whole ton of other things.

The Anonymous are responsible for many fires in Auda, and have in several instances attempted launch their own shrinebox station with little success.

SInk Pump is 3 days away walking from Auda... or 6 hours by monorail. Immigration is not regulated from the Audian side of things, though it probably should be. SInk Pump monitors all those who cross the city limits by way of verbally accosting any visitors at the gates.

There has not been a mass exodus from Auda via monorail yet, for several reasons. Firstly, monorail tickets are pricey. Secondly, People do not want to leave whatever modicum of stability they have carved out for themselves in order to survive in Auda. If you spend your whole existence getting something that feels at least marginally safe... why get on a scary transportation device for 6 hours and go somewhere foreign?

People do however tend to leave Auda as soon as they have committed a crime... Especially something that could get them condemned to the lower cellblocks. In these instances they often walk, or try to walk to SInk Pump.. because often they lack the money to spend on a ticket.

Any suspected Anon members of Anon supporters are sent immediately to cellblock 4. Upon confirmation that the prisoner in question is indeed an Anon member, they are immediately sent to cellblock 5.

No attempt at negotiation for terms has ever been made. Mr.Face tends to ignore all incidents of fire or explosions in the city, because he does not care about the people who reside within it.

If you happen to reside within a house that has been burned down by the Anon, you can actually file an error report and get partially reimbursed by the government for your loss.

The Audian Government does not acknowledge the existence of the Anon on a public scale. No warnings are posted regarding their existence, no statements made about damages caused by the terrorists... nothing However, the government does go to great lengths to make it quite clear that the Anon are a myth, and tend to hide most of the larger damages behind... flagrant lies... sometimes outright accusing the residents themselves of creating some of the fires and explosions that are caused by the group.

Three Quarter Turns and Some Miles Beyond SInk Pump:


At least a day longer than to SInk Pump.

The city is understood in Auda to be completely mythological. The place is known to be heavily industrial and the sole outsource of canned unicorn meat. There are a few people who have decided to actively believe in the place, and have inevitably come to the conclusion that unicorn murder for commercial gain is a bad thing, and as such become petitioners for the rights of unicorns... but this sort of set of ideals is more common in SInk Pump than it is in Auda. Audians typically have more to worry about than what some other city is doing to it's GDP by way of meatpacking.

Minimal. The place is pretty much a non issue.

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