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Gingers + other discriminations:
Living in a world that is dominated by the internet, there are actually very few people who are discriminated against in Auda. ...Though... that doesn't mean that there is no one discriminated against in Auda.

Most prominently discriminated against are Gingers. People with red hair. Audians are of the belief that Gingers have no souls, and as such, do not associate with them. There is actual direct punishment associated with having a ginger on your friends list, involving being Banninated.

Bannination is a process that involves freezing all of your assets, revocering your shrinebox if you happen to have one, and basically kicking you out of the city. Existing as a banninated entity within the city itself is exceedingly hard.

As a result of the actual consequences in place for friending a ginger, gingers are generally avoided. There is not so much a feeling of supremacy these days as much as a feeling of: "I don't want banninated".

Mr.Face tends to blatantly ignore the stigma against gingers, and this kind of slow social reform is one of the few things that can be said to have actually come out of the regime change. There are ginger employees in the government. Despite the government's general disregard of the ginger stigma, the book of faces still has not dropped the topic.

Generally disliked and frowned upon are furries. There is not as much of a penalty against friending them, however it does tend to lower your social status IRL instead of inside the book of faces. They're just generally... not liked.

Miscellaneous indifferences:

Auda doesn't give a crap regarding sexual preference, generally. There may be instances where that sort of thing matters logistically, in order to prevent surprise status changes in a relationship while trying to avoid such things for property tax optimisation, but outside of that, pretty much everything goes.

Shotguns and miscellaneous other weaponry is not atypical to be saving up for, either for use on oneself, or for defensive measures against thieves. Things that involve dakka are most common, though they tend to be quite costly off the internet. The ability to get a free weapon by employment is in some instances somewhat compelling for the home defense aspect of things.

There are ongoing riots congregated around the Government Building , which have people of...alright mostly higher ages. Noting is being done to stop the rioting. Riots are a good way to get several things broken, and to meet people who are just as unhappy with the government as you are. Rioting is also a good way to get shot or arrested... so proceed with caution.

More stuff will go here as I think of it.

Class expectations:

Although it is generally understood that everyone is in bad shape in Auda, the residents tend of the upper districts (Brownstones, some burnouts) tend to realise that if they travel into the Cardboard slums they will sort of be looked at as sources by which to acquire more cash or something. As such, they do not like to draw attention to their percieved wealth.

Peoplel who happen to reside in the burn outs kind of have this awkward... part of both worlds scenario goin on, however societally they tend to take the 'silent guilt tripping because we don't deserve to ask for handouts from the richer people because we're not as poor as those other guys' sort of stand on things.

I am hitting the post button now, though I fear that this was only like half of what I wanted to say.

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