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Auda somewhat understandably has some issues with grammar and whatnot. Their school systems have completely fallen apart in the past decade or so, and even then, the recognisable grammar conventions were kind of on their way out.

There are many colloquialisms that have taken the place of their proper English counterparts, as well as turns of phrases that have been derived from their memetic origins into something that only barely has to do with what the meme was originally regarding.

Use of colloquialisms also ties in heavily with religion, many memes enjoy some kind of religious significance.

Grammar and written crap:

Firstly, before you go any further, Audians now days are completely illiterate for the most part, and if anything they only would recognise a choice few numbers or letters when prompted. The most common instances of actual words or any of the following will be seen on the sides of buildings and on street signs and whatnot. Not that anyone ever actually reads the signs anymore... but that is beside the point.

Alphabet soup:
One of the recognisable differences between Audian Grammar and our own is the heavy prevalence of leetspeak in any textual... stuff. The accepted modifications that make up the Audian Alphabet are as follows:


Other spelling constructs that may or may not be memetic in origin:

The article 'teh' is not unusual to see in place of 'the' when tonally appropriate. Tonal appropriateness is something of a nuanced convention that has been lost since nobody reads any more. I will include some information on it below, though it is mostly a written convention and does not appear much in the spoken realm of Audian Linguistics.

Tonal appropriation dictates the appropriateness of the addition of certain grammatical constructs such as suffixes and specialised articles including 'teh' as seen above, and 'le', another derivative of the article 'the'.

The suffixes that one primarily deals with when making decisions of tonal appropriateness are -Z0RS, -Z0RZ, -3HS, -3HZ, -1NA7I0N, and several others. There is an important distinction between when it is appropriate to use a Z instead of an S mostly having to do with the formality of the intended piece of writing. S is more acceptably seen in casual writing, whereas Z is a more formal acknowledgement of tonal excitement.

The manner and addition of suffixes may contribute to an overwhelming saccharine tone in the piece in question...which could toe the line into lolspeak. Lolspeak includes several more changes to standard Earthian vocabulary that are not typically included in the Audian set of permutations, but which can occasionally be considered apt to utilise depending on the tonal appropriateness of the phrase in question.

One of the most common examples of toeing the line into lolspeak is the word "Guys". In Auda, "guys"is a perfectly valid spelling. However under tonal appropriation, occasionally that would be changed to "g41z". "G41z" is shared with the lolspeak vocabulary. From that point it is not terribly difficult to descend entirely into lolspeak, which would take a tonally appropriate expression of excitement (in this case probably to some kind of superior, based on the presence of the letter Z) and descend into what one would call religious writing.

I could continue to wax poetic on grammatical constructs common to the Audian universe, but that means very little, due to the lack of literacy in Auda. I will completely leave out the science of choosing the appropriate number of exclamation points and question marks, because it really... REALLY doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.

In writing there are certain words that are simply spelled differently, based on Internet derivations partially founded from convenience, and partially founded from stupidity.

Phone = Fone

Baby = Babby

Seriously= srsly

Business= bsns

More will be added here as it comes up, but those are a few notable ones.

The spoken language:

The spoken language of Auda isn't dissimilar to the standard Earthian english. Where spellings and letters are different for

Dialect + Colloquialisms:
This is another one that will probably be added to as things progress, considering that all the colloquialisms are not always present in my head.

whatisthisidonteven = It actually is spelt like that, and when said aloud, the words typically expel themselves rapid fire. Used as an expression of disbelief or... just... when something is so bizarre or unexpected that there aren't words to describe. "this" is normally a situational identifier, as opposed to an actual object.

What even is that?!? = Another expression of shock, normally regarding the presence of something foreign or unwanted. May or may not be followed up with the phrase: "that is not traditional fire" depending on the situation.

traditional fire = Both appropriate for use while playing the game amnesia and during terrorist attacks. If your house is on fire not because of tax evasion but because the Anon set it on fire, the phrase "that is not traditional fire" is not completely unusual.

Then who was fone? = a non-sequitur. Various applications for it exist, including employment of the phrase in a joking manner at the end of a long tale which may or may not have actually been frightening. In mathematics... dude, this thing can be used in multifarious places. Be creative.

Dakka= bullets

Expletives = surprisingly, Audians don't actually have access to the plethora of swears that one sees on the internet. This may be a result of executive censorship, since Mr.Face seems to know what swearwords are and SInk Pump seems to know what swearwords are, but... Audians themselves do not.

N00b = One who has had the opportunity to learn how does, but has not actually learned how does. This is a word that can be affected by tonality appropriation, occasionally being appropriated into N00BZ0RZ or something similar.

PWN = to just be THAT AWESOME... to defeat something so exceptionally amazingly that you OWN that frikking thing... What do you mean it was a typo on Earth? Another that can have tonal appropriations.

Like a Boss = pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, man. This may occasionally be spun to have a political implication associated with it

Has anyone ever been far even as to use even go want to do look more like? = ... ...The answer in Auda ranges from "Yes" to "You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve been further even more decided to use even go need to do look more as anyone can. Can you really be far even as decided half as much to use go wish for that? My guess is that when one really been far even as decided once to use even go want, it is then that he has really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like. It’s just common sense". It is typically portrayed as a noodle incident... a gigantic joke that the whole city is in on...yeah.

And then John was a zombie = Used to conclude... well... anything really... back when there were schools it was actually acceptable to end papers with this line. ...Yeah... Audian Schooling wasn't... exactly... the best.

There are also a CRAPTONNE more phrasiologies like this so... if you end up finding something that seems apropos on the internet... BY ALL MEANS EMPLOY IT.

It is not unusual for Audians to occasionally spout acronyms, however the probability that they will actually know what the letters all MEAN is minimal. It's more the sentiment behind it that matters. They know which are insults and which aren't and basically how to employ them in sentences.

GDIAF = Go Die In A Fire

GTFO = Get The F*** Out

BFBVFS = Big Firey Ball Visible From Space

ROTFL = Rolling on the floor Laughing. Can be merged with the suffix "Copter" at any time, and be considered appropriate.

There are probably quite a few more of these. There are a good lot more of these, I know it. Feel free to mess with additional Acronyms on your own... keep in mind a few things:

-some of the more practical ones like "gtg" and "brb" are considered superfluous and are not widely used... you might see more language like that in the Cardboard Slums...

-anything involving 'lol' is not typically considered an acronym due to it's relevance to religious deities...

Religious speech:

There are a good many memes in Auda which have actually been elevated to deity status...The following are just a few, and some background and context to them in universe.

The Internet = May also be referred to as 'Teh Interwebz' however word is out as to whether that is actually a more appropriate term for the ALMIGHTY BRINGER OF ALL THINGS AND LIFE AND GOOD THINGS AND STUFF or not. It's one of those things that two people could probably have a good philosophical debate on.

Ceiling Cat = Is the overseer of the Audian Afterlife for those who have been good and nice and nice and good. Also seems to be the decider of who is nice and good, and who is bad. Lords over Dallas as well.

Basement Cat = Lords over the basement, which basically Audian Hell.

Dallas = The Audian Equivalent to heaven. The phrase that goes with the place is "Dallas. It's a nice place. My friend lives there". This is often used to refer to the fact that most people have lost at least one person in their immediate family as a result of the government or as a result of fiscal hardship brought on by the government... or as a result of suicide--- PEOPLE DIE A LOT IN AUDA. And the people who are left prefer to think of them in Dallas, the reportedly nice place, than in other places. It can also be referred to in order to comfort another individual regarding their recent loss.

Basement = As previously stated, Audian Hell. It is also widely understood that the Basement looks a LOT like cellblock five, which happens to be the lowermost cellblock in the government building, and therefore, the basement. People who work in cellblock five and still have their sanity tend to feel that since they worked there, they will probably be sent there in life after death...

Advice animals in general= are attributed some kind of religious significance, but I don't quite know what that is exactly yet...

This may be expanded upon as needed... but that is close for now... yeah.

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What about descriptive words like 'noob', 'boss', 'pwns', etc?
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