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Post by Resonated Echo on Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:34 am

01. No godmoding (gm). If you're not clear on what this is, feel free to ask. A guide will hopefully be made in the near future as well.

02. No powerplaying (pp). An in-depth guide on powerplay can be found here.

03. Use some form of OOC indication for your posts. OOC stands for Out Of Character; they're the things you say outside the narrative. As such, to keep people from getting confused, you should make it clear when you're talking in OOC. One of the most common methods is to put anything OOC ((inside double parentheses)), but there are plenty of other options. Note: The opposite of OOC is IC/BIC, or In Character/Back In Character.

04. No post should be entirely OOC. That's what PMs and the Idle Chatter forum are for. ...I've said "OOC" too much. It's started to lose meaning...

05. We generally keep it PG-13 around here. If your RP/CC would be considered "mature" (rated R), make that extremely obvious in the title and the first post.

06. Length does not constitute a "good post" or a "bad post"; post quality is generally rated by how much material you give your RP-mates to work with. Are your descriptions vivid? Do you provide something for your partners to use to continue the roleplay? Strive for three actions per post, with at least one action being external (the character doing or saying something). It is possible to write a quality one-liner, but try not to stick to one-liners all the time!

07. Listen to the OP (Original Poster). If they've made certain specifications and/or set their own special rules for the chat/topic, follow them.

08. Treat all members with respect.

09. Characters may swear and/or insult other characters--but don't take that as an excuse to attack the other user. On the other hand, if someone else's character insults your character, don't take it personally! If a user, however, insults you or otherwise treats you poorly, notify a staff member.

10. Strive for spelling and grammar. Please.

11. Respect these rules!
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