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In Auda there are several different types of jobs that one can have... however the relative success of each of these is... questionable at best.

Government Job:

In the Audian government system there are many jobs that one can apply for and acquire, given an appropriate lack of morals... or enough desperation. (or really if you're just insane... depending.)

Cellblock guards:
Are employed in one of the five cellblocks. There is a 9 month training seminar that goes on to properly train these guards for their time in the cellblocks. As a guard in the cellblocks, one is expected to be competent in conflict resolution between prisoners (Murder...), creative spatial relations problem solving (Murder plus body stacking....), and able to sort out complex ethical and moral decisions at the drop of a hat (Kill them now or send them downstairs?).

As you progress through and acquire new skills and lose old morals, you will progress downwards from Cellblock one through Cellblock five. The higher the block number, the higher the salary.

A brief summary of what all goes down in each cellblock:

Cellblock 1: Detainment. Long term typically. Lack of any kind of care really... food is almost more regular than food in reality, however....despite the general negligence... and, despite the occasional bi-weekly shooting and some vague beatings every once in a while to keep people quiet... it's not too bad. Lots of people in training start out here.

Cellblock 2: Long term detainment with minimal prospects of being released. Food becomes scarcer as you descend, and probability of having some kind of occupational injury increases exponentially. Mostly lacerations. Death by gunshot wound tends to be more regular.

Cellblock 3: Basically the cellblock in which you are either short order executed via gunshot to the head, or sent downstairs for... ...further... things. This is about where the bodies start to stack when the crematoriums are out.

Cellblock 4:Low grade torture and low budget torture are carried out here. It is reasonably easy to assume that no prisoners get out of cellblock four alive. It's often used as a training ground of sorts for torture in preparation for promotion to cellblock five. If prisoners misbehave or if they become interesting to Mr.Face they are often sent downstairs to be dealt with personally.

Cellblock 5: ...This is the real deal boys and girls. The cells here are interconnected via PVC pipe so that the screams from the other cells can be heard throughout the cellblock, because resonant screams are apparently amazing to listen to. It's the most amoral job in the place, and really if you're working down there you have to be able to stomach a LOT of gore. Mr.Face frequents the place, and gets quit a kick out of it.

Hours of operation:
All cellblock hours come in 16 hour shifts. It is anticipated that one gets 8 hours off approximately between shifts and 1 day off a week. If you are really in need of the cash, you can pick up a 32 hour shift. It's not that unusual. Guards come on and off shift in rotations. There is a five minute break embedded somewhere in your shift, though it is scarcely long enough to run to the break room and put water on to boil.

Payment information:
Salary increases the farther downstairs you descend.

Cellblock 5: 1,140
Cellblock 4: 1,000
Cellblock 3: 900
Cellblock 2: 800
Cellblock 1: 700

(Income tax not deducted here. See the economics section.)

Incendiary Tax Collection:
Incendiary tax collectors are commissioned to systematically burn down all houses that belong to people who are in debt to the government as a result of property tax negligence. Customarily they do give an opportunity to pay off the taxes owed in exchange for a lesser punishment via Cellblock two or three. This is not typically well received, and in most cases the evaders burn. In most cases they are bound to a bed or a sofa and then doused liberally with kerosene. They are then left unlit for the flames to find them on their own time. Fires are lit in other locations of the house, and depending on he sofa or bed location, some of the burning debris could quite easily fall upon the person prior to being actually set alight, or they could die of oxygen deprivation, or from the floor giving out beneath them and a subsequent fall into fire.

Hours of operation:
Daytime. It's considered bad form to do this sort of thing at night for some reason.

Payment information:
Unlike in the cellblocks, The payment in this instance is based entirely upon square footage. The essential breakdown for this goes as follows:

Cardboard Slums: 500 Rectangles
Burn Out district: 700 Rectangles
Brownstones: 900 Rectangles

(Again, taxes are not being figured in here.)


Little is known at this point regarding the actual nature of the crematorium jobs, except for the fact that it involves furnaces, throwing bodies in to the furnaces, and affords really easy means by which to practice cannibalism. For reasons unknown to all the crematorium clogs up frequently, causing corpses to stack in the cellblocks.

There isn't really a ladder to climb by means of achievement in Cremating things, Except for perhaps the people who run correspondence between the cellblocks and the crematorium workers when the inevitable shutdown occurrs, who double as corpse haulers.

Payment information:

Crematorium Worker: 800
Running correspondence: 500

Non government opportunities:

There are a plethora of non governmental options...though really, the deal for self employment kind of sucks. You have to charge the appropriate tax on your products, make them affordable, and pay off your income tax, if you happen to be any kind of salesman. You would also have to deal with internet fees if you get your products off the internet.

Audian clothing vendors who happen to work completely out of waste materials (soda can tops, the soda cans themselves, unusable bits of plastic, old fiber scraps... the like...) Can typically work around that and can sometimes get away with swapping stuff directly- ''You give me fifteen thousand soda lids and I can get you a dress" kinds of things. Again, the difference isn't terribly notable, considering it's like the difference between eating once a day and eating every other day. However, when they do charge, it tends to be at a higher rate than those who simply import off line, due to the man hours involved in production. This of course, causes sales to be at a lower than anticipated rate.

There are other occupations like Trolling, which are actually better suited to SInk Pump than Auda, and tend to illicit more a feeling of highway robbery than good customer/worker interaction.

Service based jobs, like teaching and plumbing amalgamate income on a case to case basis. Especially since the degradation of the school system.

If I think of more, or more arises, then I will add it.
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