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Two Birds of a Feather Empty Two Birds of a Feather

Post by silent lark on Thu Apr 05, 2012 5:41 pm



*holds up handcuffs, chains, etc*

You're going to be bound to someone you hate, charries. YOU WILL LIKE IT

Our authors are going to be the parole officers, monitoring you and making sure you stay and work together.


You will be working together for a common goal/ your lives.
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Two Birds of a Feather Empty recap

Post by silent lark on Thu Apr 05, 2012 5:47 pm


Resting my hand on the door handle, I looked over at the three boys. "Are you coming?" I sighed, turning the knob.

"I'd prefer not to but it dun look like I got a choice, now do it?" Andrew grumbled, running a free hand through his hair.

"You'll be fine," I reassured him, and glancing over at the other two. Demetrius was as far away from David as possible and had a book in front of his nose.

"Quit your whinning," David said, "before I rekill you myself. Honestly...Gh is a should have just given him over to me."

"It's his second chance at life, David. No, you can't kill him." I sighed, shoving Andrew into the room and snatching the book from Demetrius. "You're not taking the book."

"That's if Dorian dun kill me before 'and," Andrew snapped, flopping down in one of the chairs.

"He would be worth more as a slave," David said, passing by me and into the room.

"Can I have my book back?" Demetrius asked, looking down and holding out his hand. "Please...?"

"No. You're going to socialize."

"...I would not call this a social event,Lark..." Demetrius muttered, finally going into the room and sitting far away from his father as possible. I guess seeing the teenage version of your father wasn't a thrilling experiance for him, then again, I knew he hated it so all the more reason to bring David along. Well....this could be fun.

I had gotten all the knives, right...? Yeah..... yeah, i was pretty sure i got them all...... studying the massive pile of knives, nails, corkscrews, scalpels, razor blades, lighters, and various other potentially damaging objects, i had a hard time believing she'd managed to hide any more. Although, knowing Freya, she probably had one or two more hidden somewhere...... ah well. I wasnt going to bother trying to find them. I'd already wasted enough time restraining her and removing all this junk from her person. Time to get going. "This is probably a stupid question, but are you just going to come along quietly or am i gonna have to DRAG you?" i asked. If looks could kill....... "That IS a stupid question. I mean, i knew you were a moron, but REALLY? No. No, im not just going to come along with you. I despise this entire plan to the core of my being. And i WILL get you back for this." Freya growled. I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, yeah, sure. Whatever." i retorted, grabbing her collar and dragging her along into the meeting room, ignoring her raging and struggling and death threats.
"First off" I started, my voice filled with all the irritated, seething frustration of a mother talking to a small and stubborn child.
Dorian finally glanced up at me from the chair he had rooted himself to, just outside the main room. I had managed to get him this far without threats, but I was ready to go all out at this point.

"...I'm burning all your books. All of them- every last one... Then I'm going to kill Alex, and then I'm going through with my choice of making you kill Marley at the end of the trilogy!" I let the silence hang in the air after my volley of threats, some emotion flashing across his face. He opened his mouth to say 'You wouldn't dare' (I should know- I'm his writer, after all) but he closed it just as quickly. Because he knew that I very well would dare.

With a grimace and a glare, he stood up stiffly, walking into the room. I had a slightly guilty grin as I followed him. .

I grinned, seeing Thorn and Lily walk in. Freya didn't seem pleased one bit, neither did dorian.

"See? You two have got something in common already! You both aren't happy to be here!" I said, grinning at Andrew, who snorted in response.

"Dun make me laugh, probably try ta crush me soul or somethin'," he said nervously, rolling up his sleeves.

Dorian smirked in a way that, quite frankly, gave me the chills. Honestly, what part of my brain did this man come from? ...Oh yeah, the psychopath part
"That's actually a rather tempting id-"
"Doriannn..." I cut him off "Remember what I told you? That applies for murder, also". I could feel his contempt for me rolling off him in waves, and I chuckled nervously .
Lark started as a chuckle...which broke into loud laughter, probably outta relief or something.

"BAHAHAHAHHA Can't kill me now, Dorie, can ya?" Andrew grinned, throwing back his head and howling with laughter.

"Be nice," I said, whacking him in the arm.

"....can I rekill him now?" David asked, looking over at Andrew in disgust.

"No, you can't."

"He doesn't even HAVE proper grammar..." David scowled unhappily.

"If you want to get into grammar, 'rekill' isn't a word, and it would be 'MAY I kill him again'" I said, jumping to Andrew's defense. ...Which means that now not only is Dorian furious with me, but I just corrected the grammar of the future leader of an origination trying to take over the world.

...Isn't this the kind of crap I get mad at Marley for?

"I can't kill you /yet/" Dorian spat, and, once again as his author, I could tell exactly the various ways he was planning on murdering Andrew when this was all over. ...Fun.

David....looked like he wanted to stab something Demetrius....honestly looked ready to headwall.....well....NO ONE WAS DEAD YET.....THIS WAS A GOOD START.

"Pssshhh once this is over, I'll be dead again." Andrew said bluntly and David opened his mouth to speak again.


That shut him up....thank wonder Demetrius didn't like being with his father.

"Shall we chain them up...and I dunno...send them off?"

That look on David's face allllmost had me hiding behind Dorian. Alllmost. You know it's bad when you're tempted to use an assassin- that currently hates you- as a shield. ...Uh... heh...?

"Sure~" I said cheerily, trying to ignore the fact that fourteen year old versus evil dude never ends well. Hey, at least characters can't kill authors... right?.

I grinned, skipping over to Dorian and grabbing Andrew's hand. After placing Andrew riiiiiiggghhhhtt next to Dorian, I quickly bound them with chains. Taking the small padlock in my hand, I quickly turn the key and locked them in. "Best part can't break the chain....or get it off..."

This was already going so fantastically..... i ignored Freya mttering something about killing everyone in this room (she totally looked like she would kill everyone in this room in a heartbeat without a second thought, and... well, knowing Freya.....) Anyways..... "Right! Who wants to get chained to a raging murderous lunatic?" i asked, grinning brightly. "If it helps, i think i got most of her weapons!"

I looked over at Thorn and grinned, gesturing to David. "He's not a people person either, want him?"

"I really do not wish to-"

"No one cares," I snapped.

"Sure!" i said, chuckling. "This oughta be highly amusing....." i added, procuring a pair of handcuffs with a niiiice short chain. Dont ask me why i had them..... >.> ..... <.< ........ i was holding them for a friend. Who wouldn't want them back any time soon. LOOK, WHO CARES WHERE I GOT THE FREAKING HANDCUFFS, THE POINT IS, THEY WERE CONVENIENT. Before Freya could protest or stab/bite me, or threaten my life again, i snapped one of the cuffs to her wrist. "Let's do this thing!".

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