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"Come on Yukiko!" I groaned, tugging her down the muddy pathway. "Rei and L-"
"But my haha said..."
"Shush, we'll deal with her later." I cut in, rolling my eyes a bit as Yukiko continued to stumble along behind me.
Giggling I watched as the rain began to fall once more, coating our small settlement with the scent of the forest. The tents, which ranged from simple one-room set ups all the way to the complicated four-room design, held strong under the light mist, rain drops slidding down the slick surface to meet the dirt and add to the growing puddles.
My light, out-of-place, blonde hair began to cling to my cheeks and the skin on my neck, already drenched from the few moments it'd been falling, although it was much lighter than the rain we normally recieved at this time of year.
"But Mei-"
"But nothing Yukiko! Rei is coming," I broke in, mud spraying onto my legs as I dragged her though one of the hundreds of puddles. "And Lance! I heard the baby's here too."
Yukiko sneezed, jerking me to a stop as she stumbled. Her wide, carmel eyes flickered sheepishly to up to mine, her fingers pressing nimbly into the soft earth as she pushed herself up, then wiped the mud across her formally tan, animal skin dress.
"My haha's gonna be mad," she mumbled as we began forward again. "She told me not to get my dress dirty."
I giggled, glancing at her over my shoulder," You did get it dirty, though."
"I know that Mei, not my faul-"
"Mei-chan, Yukikio-chan, where are you off to in this weather?"
Gasping I jerked to a stop before running I ran into the tall, dark figure before me. His amused expression caused me to relax just slightly as he continued to pull his equally drenched, black hair into to a small pony-tail.
"Katashi!" I blurted, backing up a step and giving a quick bow. "W-we, we... were-"
"Mei and I were sent to meet her sister at the forest edge," Yukiko added causing Katashi to raise a dark colored brow in return.
"Oh, you were?" he mused. "Your parents know of this?"
"Of course! Would we be here if they didn't, Katashi?" I responded, automatically placing my hands on my hips.
"Yes," he chuckled, reaching out to ruffle my hair and earning himself a scowl in return."I wouldn't expect any less of you two. I don't believe I'd gotten into half of the things you two have when I was eight."
"It wasn't my fault," Yukiko caved, not even waiting for him to speak further. "Mei said we'd be right back. That Haha wouldn't care."
Letting out a huff of air I glared at her, crossing my arms as I did. A strand of hair fell into my face, the mist letting up into a small drizzel in the few moments we'd been standing there.
"I thought you said your parents knew," Katashi murmured, a smirk drawing onto his lips as he glanced between us. "Did you lie to me, Yukiko-chan?"
"Don't say anything else," I whispered quickly to her, but she didn't seem to hear me.
"I... uh... well..." she stammered, a blush raising to her cheek as she dropped her eyes. Suddenly she raised her hands, sneezing into them.
Groaning I watched as concern flashed across Katashi's face, his hands fluttering into the air, pointing the way we'd come from.
"You shoudln't be out in this weather," he sighed, looking around for someone to back him up. "You might get sick, wouldn't want that."
"You mean Yukiko might," I grumbled mutiniously.
"All the more reason-"
"But Rei's coming home!" I cut in, eyes darting past him. "I haven't gotten to see her in for-ev-er!"
"Don't whine, Mei. Two years," he corrected softly. "That's hardly forever."
"Is too!" I heard the whine in my voice that time, his sigh following it showing that he had as well.
"Please, Mei-chan, remember what happened the last time that Yukiko... well, that she got sick?"
I flinched, eyes dropping to the mud seeping between my bare toes. I would have replied, knowing that something was better than nothing, if there had been an answer that would have helped my side in the slightest. The last time that Yukikio had gotten sick mother had told Rei to start gathering caki flowers, the gift for the dead.
"I'm fine." Yukiko interjected, her lips drawing into a small pout. "Don't tell on us Katashi-san, please? I haven't gotten out in a long time... Haha wouldn't let me."
He seemed to hesitate, eyes flickering between the two of us before sighing, dropping his hands with a reluctant nod.
"Fine, quickly though. If Rei doesn't arrive before sun-down, in an hour, then you best be on your way home, I'll be back to check on you."
"An hour!" I groaned, then broke off at the warning look on Yukiko's face. "Fine..."
Reluctantly Katashi stepped aside, eyes glued on Yukiko as I grabbed her hand to drag her forwards once more.
"Be careful!"
Rolling my eyes I led Yukiko away from Katashi, towareds where the clearing gave way to the old forest. Earlier today I'd heard mother telling father that Rei had sent a message through Micheal the last time he'd visited. That'd been a few months back, I remembered because Azazel had tagged along, but refused to go play with us when his father told him not to.
Mother'd said that on the last day of May, Rei planned on arriving at the camp, with her husband, Lance, and their four-year-old son, Sterling. That was today.
As we drew closer my eyes locked on where the trees gave way to the small indicator of the Czech trail, the pathway that was generally understood, by all who'd once lived here, as the place to enter the camp. Only a few feet away now, I heard the storm gathering above us, threatening further rain. Pausing close to the path I turned to face Yukiko, excitment thundering though me.
"Can you believe it? Rei's comi-" I paused, taking in Yukiko's pale... shivering form, so different than that of only moments ago. "Yuki? Yuki, you okay?"
Reaching out to touch her arm, I flinched back and could only watch as she coughed, one thick, wretched noise. Red dotted her palms, before she coughed once more, and collapsed to the muddy earth.
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