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What She Hides Empty What She Hides

Post by Resonated Echo on Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:54 pm

I walked into the room. She lay on the bed, just like always. The light that managed to filter through the cracked, dingy window fell softly on her golden hair, her round face, her closed eyes… I crossed the tiny room and took my usual place on the wooden chair by her bedside. Forcing a smile, I reached for her hand.

“I think this deal is going to settle, sis,” I said. “Isn’t that great? We’ll have enough food again for a while… Maybe the next time I settle something, we can get new clothes, or new blankets. You’ve been needing new blankets for a while, haven’t you? Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you have some before winter comes.” I paused. “I won’t be able to come back here for a while the next time I leave. I’m running low on the materials I need for these trips. But I’ll find more once I’m in the Middle again, I promise. I’ll be back here before you know it. I have to leave now, though… I’m sorry I couldn’t stay long, but I’m glad we got to talk. Bye…”

I gave her hand a small squeeze, adjusted her blankets, then got up and headed for the door. I paused in the doorway and turned around, giving her one last look.

“I…I miss you, sis,” I murmured, trying to keep my voice from breaking. “Please wake up soon, okay?”
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